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Welcome to Jorundor. A grim husk of a planet, ravaged by centuries of war.

Two factions desperately cling to life here - each seeking to destroy the other - the ancient race of the Nox, harbingers of darkness and the light-dwelling Jingos, who would purge the lands of evil.

As the atmospheric generators churn a barely-breathable air into this last habitable crater, both sides prepare for the ultimate battle of survival.

Suddenly, a voice whispers to our hero. Will they decide the fate of the planet?

(Yami no Yume is a post-apocalyptic, survival simulator, based on the infinite dreams engine and currently in VERY EARLY ALPHA. If you enjoy finding bugs and helping shape the direction of new games, please feel free to download and give us constructive feedback. If not, please wait just a little longer until the game is more stable!)


infinite dreams is © 2016-2019 Ataen.
Many public domain and creative commons licensed assets were used to develop this game; whilst many were heavily modified, we claim no ownership over the original works and would like to thank the people who created & shared them with the world.
(You can download most of the original art and music at OpenGameArt)

Specific credits and licenses are detailed in the 'credits' folder of each download.

© 2019 Ataen | All Rights Reserved

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