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Survive. Rebuild. Conquer the Darkness.

With two nations on the brink of collapse, hatred and fear run rampant. Choose to join the Jingos or the Nox, plan how to bring the world back to its fruitful state, and experience an array of possibilities, all dependent on the choices you make!

Enter a world where you decide how you want to play. Will you work with others and develop relationships? Will you explore the vast world of magik and battle various foes?

With the world in disrepair, how will you choose to save Jorundor?

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infinite dreams is © 2016-2019 Ataen.
Many public domain and creative commons licensed assets were used to develop this game; whilst many were heavily modified, we claim no ownership over the original works and would like to thank the people who created & shared them with the world.
(You can download most of the original art and music at OpenGameArt)

Specific credits and licenses are detailed in the 'credits' folder of each download.


(Yami no Yume is currently in VERY EARLY ALPHA. If you enjoy finding bugs and helping shape the direction of new games, please feel free to download the demo when available and give us constructive feedback. If not, please wait just a little longer until the game is more stable!)

System requirements are modest but the quickest way to ensure compatibility is to download the demo and evaluate for yourself!

The 'Utilities' download is for use by team members and modders - you don't need this to play the game!

If you experience problems - please do contact us or leave a comment below so we can help fix things!

Download demo

UTILITIES.zip 167 kB

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