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Yami no Yume

Survive. Rebuild. Conquer the Darkness. · By infinite dreams


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Geology of a Crater
We get asked about the game decision-making process a lot - why did we decide to do one thing over something else. So while we're waiting on the graphics update...
New People, New Creatures, New Look!
We've been hard at work designing new creatures, new tiles, new maps and a new look for the website! Whilst the overhaul is still ongoing, we were fortunate to...
Caves & Climates
Caves: You were promised screenshots and this week has seen a ton of progress on map generation code, so here's a few screenshots to show what's happening! This...
Dev News Update
This is just a short post to let you know we're all still alive and working on the project and to explain some of what's going on! Firstly, progress has slowed...
Modders Update
This is just a quick update intended for team members and those who want to get involved in modding Yami no Yume or creating their own infinite dreams story. In...
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Demo Update! Amber Edition
We discovered the previous demo had problems on NVIDIA's GeForce 10 Series which resulted in glitches and crashes. We've been working hard to get a fix for you...
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A Time of Growth
Just a quick update to show that the animation engine is now working correctly. Plants now grow, smoke rises, lights can be switched on & off. This really bring...
Demo Update! Amethyst Edition
We promised you guys an update every month, so here's the Amethyst Demo Edition ready for you to check out! It's even a few days early - so grab your sunglasses...
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