Dev News Update

This is just a short post to let you know we're all still alive and working on the project and to explain some of what's going on!

Firstly, progress has slowed a lot lately due to several team members returning to school/college/etc. Then we lost a couple of team members who were moving to pastures new. It takes time to find suitable replacements and get them up to speed and we're still missing some crucial skills in the team - pixel artists especially.

Whilst this has slowed progress considerably, it won't stop us or the project - it will just take a few months longer than we anticipated. This did make us sit down and consider how we can reduce the workload on everyone and yet still produce a fun game and we'd like to thank everyone who gave us feedback during this phase, especially the alpha testers. As a result, we'll be tweaking the game engine to run in 2D because this better fits the game mechanics and the desires of our target audience. It also gives higher resolution sprites, better effects and reduces the confusion when trying to control your party in 3D.

So hopefully next time I'll be able to include some screenshots of where things are headed!

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