Caves & Climates


You were promised screenshots and this week has seen a ton of progress on map generation code, so here's a few screenshots to show what's happening!

This first image comes from the cave generator which generates the Whistling Caverns, inhabited by the Nox.

Generating caves is harder than it might sound:

  1. First the caves have to 'feel' like caves - no sharp, unnatural angles. Remember a cave is formed by carbonic acid dissolving limestone - we have to consider the formation of the rock and the influence of gravity.
  2. We have to be able to navigate through the caves - it would just be annoying if there wasn't enough room to move the Nox through the cave system.
  3. The structure must be complex enough that the Nox and Jingos can't find each other immediately - or it's going to be a short game!
  4. All parts of the cave system must be connected - starting in a tiny, disconnected cavern isn't fun.

The result tends slightly more towards an ant nest than a natural cave in order to fulfill these requirements (or possibly a small dragon perched at the tip of a boot?)


Caves are a special type of biome affecting which plants will grow there, among other things. Most of the map biomes are controlled by the local climate however, which includes the temperature, rainfall (more accurately soil saturation) and wind. There's no rainfall to speak of on Jorundor, but here's the temperature and wind maps:

OK, those are extremely zoomed out and perhaps I should have cropped them but you can clearly see the outline of the landscape and the way it affects both heat and wind. If it wasn't obvious, the heat map goes from blue to yellow to red to black (maximum heat) and the wind map tends from black (no wind) to white (maximum wind). For reference, the acid lake is on the far right of the image.

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