New People, New Creatures, New Look!

We've been hard at work designing new creatures, new tiles, new maps and a new look for the website!

Whilst the overhaul is still ongoing, we were fortunate to find both a skilled Pixel Artist to help out with the character redesign and an amazing Linguist/Writer!

Why do we need a linguist you might wonder? Many of you have already realized that the symbols below the title are no coincidence - that's 'neokese', an ancient language used throughout the infinite dreams universe. It becomes more obvious it's a proper structured language when you find in-game texts like:

but we weren't sure we'd have the resources to make sure everything was syntactically correct until a later story. This adds an exciting new layer of depth to the world and whilst you won't have to learn neokese to play the game, there may be hints or easter eggs hidden away for the most diligent of you.

I mentioned new animals too - here's a very quick preview of 2 new creatures added, the Horusoga (the first and probably only surviving bird on Jorundor) and the Uhfo (a disease-bearing fly you should avoid)

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