Getting back up to speed!

Hi all!

Well, well, long time no posting here! So here are some juicy updates from the Yami no Yume project.
Anyone who has ever tried writing a game with a team knows that it's a lot of work getting all the pieces working together properly. That's why we think it's a good time to say "Thanks and Congrats!" to the team because you are all awesome!

Let's talk about some of the latest updates and what makes them great:


All of us were happy with every location on Jorundor being full of bald people, but C3 and Nik thought it would be funny to add hair and now all our characters have hair split into top and bottom layers.
This idea took shape when we saw this:

Seriously though, this has made a world of difference because now we can make each character more unique by giving them their own, fully animated, hairstyle from a huge selection.

<Nik> The credit for all the hard work has to go to C3- animating all these hairstyles was a significant achievement!

Particle Engine

For dramatic spells and special effects a particle engine was needed. The first attempts were... unexpected, resulting in what looks like a crazy popcorn attack!

<Nik> This was actually an animated GIF but it turns out there's an upload file size limit of 3MB so you'll have to enjoy this still image.

Anyway, this amazing job allows us to enhance in-game objects, making them glow or add cool, special effects to magic spells!
We are still working to make it look even better for the final release so maybe you will have the "Crazy Popcorn" spell!


For those interested, the coda is the ending part of a song.
Please, we would like to know what you think about updates we make. Would you like to be able to customize the hair of your characters in YnY? Would you like a level design tool to be released for you to build your own stories? Do you have insane ideas for spells like the crazy popcorn you'd like to see?
Thanks for reading and tell us below!

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