A Busy Month

So much has been going on that I don't think we've had a chance to tell you about the new lighting changes which make areas of the map so much more atmospheric! and speaking of maps.. I don't think we've had the chance to let you know about all the map changes that have been going on either!

So we have level designers working overtime and our pixel artist is working on the magic interface which is going to be so much fun and I hope we'll be able to share with you soon!

Our writer is hard at work on storylines right now - there's a lot of content, so expect us to tease you with it slowly, but what we're all really excited about is the ability to play as any character and totally interfere with everyone's lives :) Unlike in those boring games with NPCs that stand around all day and only have a few lines to repeatedly say, every character in Yami no Yume has a rich personality and their own storyline. They have personal feelings toward the other characters, any of whom might be a player, and they'll continue to act on those relationships regardless of what you do or don't do. You can take a step back and watch them all live their lives, or interfere with them, perhaps improving things (or perhaps tearing your own team apart!)

There are advantages to building good relations, even if you want to ignore the main story and just fight epic magic battles - all characters have a set of moral standards they will adhere to, including things like protecting allies - or 'accidentally' involving allies in friendly fire who rubbed them up the wrong way. A distracted or lovestruck character may have difficulty remembering spells or may give their life to defend someone else. I'll say it again because it's important - but that includes every character, even the one you think you're playing. In infinite dreams, you don't get to control the characters, you get to *influence* them - it's just as much teamwork between you and the AI in charge of your chosen host as it is with all the other characters you meet.

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