Bug Fix Week

Lots of minor fixes this week due to bugs found by alpha-testers. 

There were no show stoppers but lots of quirks found in 2-player mode. The copy/paste buffer was shared between players which led to some interesting building anomalies. Color selection was also shared, which led to fun when painting rooms simultaneously.

All fixed now. Sorry.

Work on new graphics and materials is still ongoing. 

Most important work this week went into rewriting the function that reserves space for new blocks. A problem with lighting under overhanging buildings showed that some blocks were not being split by other blocks as they should. This function is fairly core to the game and extremely complex. Whereas trivial voxel worlds have fixed size blocks aligned on an x,y,z grid, infinite dreams has stacks of variable sized blocks on an x,y grid. This allows items embedded in others (like a table saw); encased (like a rock in a glass cabinet); as well as smooth slopes and steps. Of course, it makes lighting and space reservation far more difficult.

Anyway, long story short, after a rewrite, YnY should now allow mushrooms to grow into stalactites as well as each other and even tight against walls - this makes the Whistling Caverns feel far more realistic and the lighting problems on the surface should be fixed too.

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