Yami no Yume Alpha Update!

Super excited to be able to announce a major update to the demo today! Hopefully we'll be able to manage an update like this once a month until the alpha testing is completed.

The new demo includes all the bug fixes and updates announced in the devlogs as well as finally completing the graphics overhaul!

  • Cute animals!
  • A team for each player - so you don't have to do everything yourself!
  • Increased resolution and clarity of all textures
  • Added spiffy animations
  • Improved cave generation - more realistic plant and stalactite growth!
  • Player cache rewritten - each player gets their own POV of other players now
  • Less bugs and things that crash or do weird stuff!

Do remember it's still a pre-alpha in sandbox mode but don't let that stop you downloading, playing, having fun and leaving feedback. We appreciate your comments and want to grow the game to fit our audience.


YnY-pre-alpha-demo.zip 21 MB
Jul 08, 2019

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